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Were you born in a barn?

February 11, 2009



This is my first Works for Me Wednesday post!  Aren’t you soooo excited?  Yeah, try to contain yourself.

This is a real winner of an idea, though.  Feel free to benefit from my superior wisdom in keeping furry children warm in the winter.

Harper Lee has made chewing a hobby.  I found some interlocking squares that you put together to form a 4×6 mat that’s useful as a padding for exercise equipment, etc.  She chewed it to bits.   Keep in mind that Harper Lee is the same furry child that chewed the hardwood flooring while it was still in the boxes in the garage.  And chewed the boxes.  Just because she can.

I was trying to find a solution to keeping my little (125 lb) Newman from getting cold in the garage.  All the furry kids are banished to the garage at times, but I just feel so sorry for my 125 lbs of fluffy Newman.  He has thicker fur than all the others combined, but the look on his face says, “Mom, I’m freeeeezzzzing.”  I can just hear his little big teeth chatter.  Blankets, rugs, sheets, towels… you name it, I’ve tried it.  I thought this exercise equipment mat would be a great solution since it was about an inch thick, lightweight, and would insulate little Newman from the cold concrete floor.

But nooooo.  Harper had to chew it to bits as well.  That was a waste of $15 at Big Lots.  However, I did get one for the elliptical machine.  It looks very nice, but is also a collector of dust, just like the elliptical machine.  At least it protects the floors from all the scratches the elliptical would make if it were being used.

After much searching and a little pondering, lo and behold… Tractor Supply Company has the solution.  This is the best thing EVER!  It’s too thick for Harper to chew and too heavy for her to drag across the garage when she’s ostracized from the rest of the family (I think I forgot to mention that she’s our family’s version of the red-headed step-child).

Kudos to Tractor Supply Company for horse stall mats.  Now my Newman (and Murfy & Mollie) can stay insulated from the cold concrete in the winter, situate themselves on the mat, just below the heating duct that I had ran out to the garage, and spoon with each other until mom & dad are ready to let them back in the house. 

Harper Lee, on the other hand, better sleep on top of the wood pile or grab some extra blanket scraps that she hasn’t chewed already.  It might be a long winter!


Things I Learned This Week…

February 10, 2009



Well, loyal blog readers, (yep, both of you), I’m trying something new.  My friend Julie posted this at her blog and I’m a copy cat, so I’m posting too.

What I learned this week:

  • Poop does not pick up itself
  • Laundry does not do itself
  • Hotel for Dogs toys from McDonald’s make excellent doggie chew toys
  • Murfy will pull the stuffing out of any toy, no matter how small
  • The longer I sleep on weekends, the more tired I am
  • If I sleep in a strange position to avoid disturbing one of the furry kids, I’ll wake up with a sore back
  • HP Mini computers are the shiz nit
  • Work is boring, unless you have a mini computer you can hide from the management
  • No matter how crappy your day has been, the furry kids are always happy to see you
  • Newman gives the best kisses
  • Harper Lee gives the second best kisses
  • Murfy is the best self-scratcher ever (thanks to horrible skin allergies)
  • Mollie is the chubbiest Beagle EVER!  But I wouldn’t have her any other way
  • Newman makes a good bed buddy because he’ll spoon
  • Harper Lee does NOT make a good bed buddy – she won’t spoon and doesn’t stay still very long
  • Murfy is to skinny to spoon
  • Mollie likes to spoon on her own terms – which include being able to bury her head at least partially under a blanket
  • Dad is a good spooner, too… when there’s room in bed with no furry kids in between

Stay tuned… this blog is just getting started.  There’s lots more fascinating (and no so fascinating) things to be learned about our family!


***Also*** – check out the link on the pretty picture of the lightbulb above… Jo-Lynne at is hosting a carnival.  If I knew what a carnival was, I’d tell you.  But I have a feeling it’s something neat-o!

Fast Forward to Now… February 2009

February 10, 2009

Since this blog was just started and the doggies are already six, five, four, and one-and-a-half, we’ll fast forward to now.

Here are some pics that were taken along the way…


Halloween 2004 by you.

Murfy – Halloween 2004

Halloween 2004 by you.

Newman – Halloween 2004
(He’s a wizard!)

Christmas 2004 by you.

First Christmas in the House
December 2004
(attempt to take a Christmas card picture… unsuccessful)

The Boys Under the Tree

Christmas 2004
successful picture attempt

Newman's Birthday by you.

Newman’s Birthday 2005
Enjoying his Frosty Paws Ice Cream for Dogs

Newman's Birthday by you.

Same Birthday… I love this pic!


December 2005 by you.

Eating Spaghetti
December 2005


Halloween 2006 - Newman by you.

Newman – Fall 2006

Halloween 2006 - Murfy by you.

Murfy – Halloween 2006


Halloween 2006 - Mollie by you.

Mollie – Halloween 2006


More to come later!

And then there were two…

February 6, 2009
Dad and I saw a look in your eyes. It was a look of sadness, loneliness… the need for companionship. The opportunity came along for us to adopt, so we took it.

Uncle Lee saw a roamer at his mother-in-law’s house. He’d seen this roamer a few times and knew that he needed a good home. But then he disappeared. Investigation led Uncle Lee to discover that someone had hit roamer, taken him to the doctor, and found another adoptive home. Well, all was true except for that last part. Roamer ended up showing up again right where he was before. He liked that Burger King, and must have remembered how to get there.

One Saturday, Uncle Lee and I went looking for the roamer. No luck. Uncle Lee went back to his MIL’s on Sunday and there he was… the roamer had appeared at MIL’s neighbor’s house. Uncle Lee called and I went to pick up the roamer and we never looked back.

Inquisitive Murfy

Although I am ashamed to admit it, I don’t remember how we came up with the new kid’s name. He was brown, so maybe that had something to do with it. Murfy Brown. Later lengthened to Murfy Brown Dog.

In The Beginning…

February 6, 2009

Dear Kids:

Ok, it’s time you know the truth. Mommy and daddy met in jail. At least that’s what we like to tell people. Daddy was a corrections officer and I was a counselor at a jail in West Virginia. We met in October 2001 (I think) and the rest is, well, the topic of future blogs.

I got a new job and moved to Kentucky to be near daddy since daddy got a new job at a prison. We moved to a tiny apartment in August 2003 and lived there for a year. In May 2004, we tied the knot. In August 2004, the first of you came along. 

It was one week before we were to move out of the apartment into our house. Granted, this wasn’t a NEW house, but it was new to us. And it was about 1500 sq ft bigger than the tiny apartment. We had been searching online for the perfect addition to the family, and thought we finally found “the one” near Louisa, Kentucky. We set out one day to find “the one”, only to get lost for over an hour, drive in the total opposite direction, and almost miss your foster mom when we got there. She was putting her real kids in the car to go feed their horses, but we parked behind her in the driveway and she couldn’t leave.
We knew what we had come for. He was medium-sized, chocolate brown, and full of energy. Oh… full of energy. Nope, not what we wanted. Foster mom introduced us to you… “Duke”. Foster mom opened the gate and off you ran, just like a racehorse at the starting gate. You ran, and ran, and ran, and… well, you get the idea. Dad was worried that you wouldn’t come back, but foster mom was right, you just wanted to stretch your legs.


At the time, you were about 70 lbs and a little skinny. You and dad took up the whole back seat of the car and wrestled the whole way home – about an hour.
We had a major problem on the way home, though. You were not a “Duke”. Not Duke. Not Fuzzy, Fido, Spot, Scrappy, or any other common name that someone would have given you. But who did you look like? What was your personality going to be like? After a while in the back seat with dad you calmed down a bit. I’m sure you hadn’t been on many car rides, and the ones that you had been on probably didn’t result in positive experiences. Still, you needed a new name. To this day, dad claims that he came up with it, but I think it was me. Anyway, you were bestowed with “Newman”. You didn’t look like Newman from Seinfeld, but the name seemed to fit. And dad and I get to say, “Hello…. Newman” every day when we come home.


The first week with us was spent in that tiny apartment. You were a whopping 70 lbs, but probably should have been at least 100. You were way too skinny for your own good. But, considering the size of the apartment, you were perfect.

Newman's First Week





Many days and nights (well, ok… a week of days and nights) were spent taking you out to potty as soon as you were finished eating and walking around until you did the doodie. We weren’t allowed to have pets in the apartment, so we couldn’t take the chance of you making a potty on the carpet and losing our security deposit.