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Evil Spawn of the Easter Bunny, Oxycontin, Meth, Boils, Balls on Sticks, and Poop

March 10, 2009

I tried the Hello Kitty cake pops at Bakerella. Apparently I needed a Hello Kitty pictorial reference when I was applying my black markings because mine looks like a Fat Hello Kitty. How appropriate. The cupcake balls on a stick thing didn’t work out so great. I tried to make egg shapes, as the Easter holiday is approaching and my coworkers will part with $5 for ANYTHING chocolate. Especially with an incentive marketing campaign indicating that $1 of their purchase will go toward Easter baskets for kids at the local homeless shelter. However, egg shapes were a flop. They ended up looking like fat blobs. Again, how appropriate.

I tried making brownies and cutting them into bunny shapes with my nifty new bunny cookie cutter – courtesy of Susan’s most recent trip to Hobby Lobby. One pan of brownies made four bunnies. Not too bad. Except that after I decorated them, they looked like the evil spawn of the Easter bunny. Maybe I should take the hint and stick to making cupcakes… the traditional way. And to making cake balls the traditional way – without sticks. I also tried making my own version of cake balls using the leftover pieces of brownie after I cut out the evil spawn bunnies. I mixed the brownie remnants with some chocolate frosting, formed balls, put on sticks (mistake) and dipped in white chocolate. Sticks – big mistake. Note to self: no more sticks on cake balls, brownie balls, or any other kind of balls you think you can balance on a stick. Got it?

One of my coworkers (see blog here) was out today and yesterday, and apparently in a lot of pain this weekend from a large boil on her inner thigh. I won’t tell you how far UP her inner thigh, I’ll leave that to your imagination. Hopefully she’ll be hobbling in tomorrow… or maybe someone will have to wheel her around in her chair. Just don’t bump into anything. You’d think they would give you some Oxycontin for pain like that. This is Kentucky, after all. Maybe they think she can just get some meth off a neighbor and it would be futile to give her pain medication when the meth would be cheaper. Note to Delia: got any funny-smelling neighbors that can help with that boil pain?

As a tribute to Delia being off work for a couple days… Bunny Poop. Yep… more poop. Today, on the day that I brought the cake & brownie flops on a stick, Susan brings bunny poop. In a big ziploc baggie. And carries it around the office, while eating said brownie ball. One of the Kim’s thinks Susan’s eating what’s in the bag. Gross. Maybe that’s her diet secret after all. I can see the marketing campaign now… “I eat one spoonful of Bunny Poop a day, and I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight. Bunny Poop. Try some today.” She certainly had the motherload today – probably a gallon bag full.


So much for this blog being about doggies.