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Fast Forward to Now… February 2009

February 10, 2009

Since this blog was just started and the doggies are already six, five, four, and one-and-a-half, we’ll fast forward to now.

Here are some pics that were taken along the way…


Halloween 2004 by you.

Murfy – Halloween 2004

Halloween 2004 by you.

Newman – Halloween 2004
(He’s a wizard!)

Christmas 2004 by you.

First Christmas in the House
December 2004
(attempt to take a Christmas card picture… unsuccessful)

The Boys Under the Tree

Christmas 2004
successful picture attempt

Newman's Birthday by you.

Newman’s Birthday 2005
Enjoying his Frosty Paws Ice Cream for Dogs

Newman's Birthday by you.

Same Birthday… I love this pic!


December 2005 by you.

Eating Spaghetti
December 2005


Halloween 2006 - Newman by you.

Newman – Fall 2006

Halloween 2006 - Murfy by you.

Murfy – Halloween 2006


Halloween 2006 - Mollie by you.

Mollie – Halloween 2006


More to come later!