Random Tuesday Thoughts



Delia  is great at remembering Random Tuesday Thoughts. Luckily I checked her blog before midnight and I can still get mine in if I’m quick about it.

 10:58 pm Tuesday night now.

 1. Delia is a great IRL (in real life) friend. Supportive without overkill, there when I need her and disappearing when I don’t. I just love that! She gives advice at the right time, and in the most sincere way. I treasure the advice she gave me a while back that said something like “sometimes you have to lose to win”. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what she said, but it’s close.

2. Sometimes life sucks when people don’t get along. Especially when there are children involved. And yes, I consider my four-legged canines children.

3. I have new cubicle neighbors. Oh joy. Can you feel my excitement? No? Well me either. It’s so much louder on our side of the office now that I’m stuck between the newbies. And they’re not new employees, just new to our side of the office. I’m in the process of requesting a sound-proof cubicle with a lid. Note to self: get that office supply catalog ASAP tomorrow to see if such a thing exists. I’m short (5’3″), so I think a lid would do just fine on my cubicle. There’s still a need for a small door. Maybe I can work on that one after I get the lid. Heck, even a shower curtain on a tension rod would work.  The “Busy Belt” just wouldn’t be enough to deter the random questions and comments that fly by all day. (just scroll down a little on the link, you’ll see exactly what the Busy Belt is all about)

4. I just had to scroll back up to see what number of random thought I was on.

5. Wish I could get to work at 6 am and get some credit time in. Lately I have used almost all my sick and annual time (and we do get liberal sick and annual time). Mostly because I’ve been so stressed out with work and home things that I can’t bring myself to get out of bed in the mornings.

6. The people that work the hardest seem to get blamed for all the things that are f’d up around the office. Yes, M, I’m talking about you. M works for a contract company but is expected to supervise and direct government employees. She certainly got the raw end of the deal on that one.

7. I’m starting a new Bible study tomorrow night at S’s church. The book is called “The Frazzled Female”. Could anything describe me better? I think not.

8. Note to self: Class reunion meeting June 20. I hated most of those people 13 years ago, so, I’m asking myself, why do I want to see them now? Probably because I’m more successful than they are and I make twice as much (or more) money than most of them. Even if I take the other job I’ve discussed before, I’m still making twice what they make. That does give me a lot a little satisfaction in the world. Sometimes Karma’s a bitch, but sometimes Karma is a good thing.

9. I love my furry babies. I’ve had two with me this week while I’ve been staying at my parents’ house. I miss the other two, though. Newman is grieving himself to death missing his mommy, brother and sister. Brother Murfy and Sister Mollie will be reunited with Newmie tomorrow. And his mommy (me) will see him on Friday. I can’t wait to rub his soft chest hair and give him belly rubs. He just loves that.

10. I just wanted to have 10 things on my list. I’m out of thoughts and almost out of time to get this posted before midnight. So, goodnight bloggie friends. I’m off to bed. My goal is to get up at 5 am. I see myself sleeping till 7 and in a mad dash to get to work to answer phones on my weekly phone day. At least I don’t have to deal with the three bitches on my last phone team. I have some good ones now.

Later bloggie gaters!




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