Paige has moved…

My friend Matt has a friend named Paige.  I guess you could say Paige is my friend, too, but for some reason I have to qualify my friendship by explaining that I met her thru Matt.  Don’t know why…

Anyway, Paige has started a new blog and it’s great.  Check her out at

She recently worked on the movie “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia”, produced by the famous (or infamous) Johnny Knoxville of MTV. 

Paige loves to bake and seems to have a recent fascination with cupcakes.  I found some cupcake blogs from Paige’s old blog and they’re awesome.  My fave is Cupcakes Take the Cake.

Check out Paige’s new blog.  Her second entry is totally hilarious!


One Response to “Paige has moved…”

  1. Paige Says:

    Yes Paige is your friend too… LOL
    Glad you like!

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