This Week…

I haven’t had much motivation to blog lately. I can’t say that nothing has been going on in my life, as there have been many decision-making moments that have occurred over the past week or so. Big decision was to take the new job. It was finally “formally” offered to me. I’ll be taking a significant pay cut, but should come back up to my current salary in 3-4 years. This is the job that I pictured myself having ever since my first semester at Marshall University in 1997. I did an internship at a county-level office. It was only 30 hours, but it confirmed that I wanted to work with this population. After college I got a job at a regional jail (hi Julie) and worked as a counselor for three years. I loved the job, but was totally burned out by the political central office administration and being passed over for a promotion – twice. I was working on my master’s degree in a related field and the guy that got the job was the manager of a Dollar Tree. The personnel director did admit to me that he hired the guy so that he would be inducted to a fraternal organization for men. Guess it worked. He got in. Anyway, after I left the jail, I’ve been working at a federal black lung office for five and a half years. I like the job. I don’t like some of the people I work with.

Seniority means a lot in this office so until I have put in 20 years and I’m ready to retire, I’ll never have a seat next to a window. You’d think grown women wouldn’t be so whiny, but guess again. I’d rather work with 100 men than 10 women. I learned that at the jail by working with the female inmates. Since I was the only female counselor, I got to deal with all the girly problems that went on in the female unit.

Anyway, this new job means a significant pay cut. It will take about 3-4 years for me to get back to my current black lung salary. I’ve prayed about this job change. Maybe I haven’t prayed hard enough or long enough. I’m still unsure. Maybe I should have stayed on my knees longer and waited for an answer. The hiring process for this job has been going on for 7 months now. I wonder if being offered the job was the sign I needed that it’s going to be ok and work out in the end. I’m still unsure. Still nervous. Maybe now I need to pray that I’ll make it through the first few years on the salary that I’ve been offered and still pray that hubby finds a full-time job with a decent salary. Oh yeah – and sells one of his cars! Anyone in the market for a little red Benz??


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