April Needs…

I had to copy Julie’s post today. Too funny…

I went to Google, typed in “April needs” and here’s what Google thinks April needs:

1. April needs to be IP banned. –I don’t know what this means, but I think it’s some kind of computer-talk.

2. April needs Austin (as in Austin, TX). –I’ve been to Austin once and stayed three weeks. Loved it. Want to go back. Actually, maybe I need to go back.

3. April needs to stay. –Read previous post – this could be telling me something.

4. April needs one million dollars. –Don’t we all!?!

5. April needs your vote (I had to provide more info on this one – apparently an April out there somewhere was just crowned the next Elvira). –I look nothing like Elvira, but apparently I got the votes anyway!

6. April needs a ‘softer’ touch when she shoots. –don’t know if this one is basketball or gun related. Interesting – as this could be true either way!

7. April needs a fuel pump. –I hope not. Those things are ex-pen-seev-o.

8. April needs a ride to grandma’s. –Was just there yesterday.

9. April needs ProActiv skincare. –check. Already use the stuff and LOVE it.

10. April needs to be kissed. – Could be true. I do get some kisses, mainly from Newman and Harper Lee.

11. April needs that favor. –Geez favor…come thru already!

12. April needs to feel the sand beneath her feet. –This is SOOO true! The last time I felt that was June 2008.

13. April needs help. –And another SOOO true. See yesterday’s post.

14. April needs a loving home. –Possibly true.

15. April needs the scoop. –YESSSSS! See yesterday’s post (again).

16. April needs our support. –ditto to last answer.

17. April needs our prayers. –ditto to last answer.

18. April needs to learn how to dress properly… drunk or not! –Hmmm, did somebody actually tell me this? Maybe I was drunk and don’t remember.

19. April needs a few days in the big barn. –Now that might be a little interesting.

20. April needs a pancreas transplant. –Hope I don’t. If I do, I hope the doctor tells me soon.

21. April needs to go, ASAP. She’s the most annoying person. –I’m sure many people have thought this over the past 31 years.

22. April needs a family willing to provide her basic structure and stability in a nurturing home. –Hmmm… weird.

23. Brett and April need a truck. -Apparently Brett and I live in Africa.

24. April needs a little more film festival breathing room. – I don’t plan to go to any film festivals anytime soon, but ok.

25. April needs help shooting for a $50 Borders gift card. –That would be schweet!



2 Responses to “April Needs…”

  1. Julie From Inmates Says:

    Wow. Funny how so many of those things relate to yesterday’s post. Here’s hoping all your needs are met. =)

  2. appalachianamerican Says:

    I actually LOLed when reading this, which is the sign of a good post. Did you know that? Meanwhile, in reference to #17, don’t forget that our friend from the Lewisburg Walmart is praying for you every day!

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