You Were Always on My Mind, You Were Always on My Mind

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’m on the virtual edge of making a life-changing and career-changing decisison.  I have new job opportunity that has come along.  Problem is, I’d be reducing my salary by 26% per year.  The new job prospect is what I’ve always wanted to do, I would be able to use my master’s degree in this new job, I would be moving to an office that currently has only 6 other employees.  And I would have an actual office with an actual door, a real desk and credenza.  I interned at this office to complete the requirements for my master’s degree.  I have a great relationship with everyone in the office.

My current job involves  a cubicle, approximately 50 coworkers, isn’t much of a challenge anymore.  I’ve been there for 5 1/2 years.  There are some coworkers that I’m very close to, but there are also coworkers that like to run to the supervisor if I do the most minute thing wrong.

In both jobs the supervisor is absolutely great.  Potential new job’s supervisor is out of the office quite a bit, not that I would be doing anything that I wouldn’t do if he were present.  Two of the employees are on the road quite a bit and in the office about once or twice a week, and never for the whole day.

The potential job has jerked me around for about 7 months.  I had two interviews with all the supervisors in the district (around 10 of them) and I feel like I aced the interviews.  I was selected as one of three names that were submitted to the supervisor’s supervisor.  Initaially I wasn’t chosen, but their first choice didn’t follow through.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but she wasn’t eligible for the job when all was said and done.

The pros of my current job definitely involve the money (my husband is currently not working but is looking for jobs).  For the area I live in, this is one of the most high-paying jobs that I know of.  My friends are basically work friends, as we don’t do much outside work anymore.  There’s also the possiblity of moving to another office this summer that’s significantly closer to my family.  That’s definitely a possiblity.  The supervisor in that office is definitely interested in me moving to his office. That will present a challenge, depending on how fast our house sells.  And every office does things a little different, so there would be a little getting used to new things.  I have several good friends in the city where this summer transfer possiblity is located.

There are definitely pros and cons of each job.  I’ve weighed these until I don’t know what to do.  When the main man of the possible new job calls this week to officially offer me the job, one of the criteria is the money.  I have set a minimum salary requirement and I don’t know if he will be able to meet it, mainly because of a pay scale that was set by someone else.  If he can’t meet my salary requirements, it’s definitely not a possiblity for me to take that job.  If I do the job transfer in the summer, the money would be the same as I’m making now, just relocating to a new city, closer to family and friends, and I won’t have to pay $1400+ in city taxes at the job that’s going to open this summer.  There’s no guarantee that I’ll get the job, but it is a strong possibility.  I’d say I have an 80% chance at least, possibly more.

I’d appreciate any advice that any of you have to give.  One last thing, the new potential job is something that I’ve always wanted to do in a field that I love. and have previous experience.  That’s another pro for that job.

Please give some words of wisdom if you’ve been in that situation, and, if you haven’t been in this situation, just comment on what you think I should do.  I welcome any input that you blog readers have to give.  Help me make my decision easier.  I’ve prayed about it, but haven’t received a clear answer yet.

Thank you readers.


2 Responses to “You Were Always on My Mind, You Were Always on My Mind”

  1. Julie From Inmates Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this since reading it yesterday. I would have to say that you cannot buy happiness. However, in today’s times, its tough to give up that much pay. On the flip side, I am very family oriented and being close to my family would be my highest priority. At the end of the day, you have to do whats best for you obviously, but since your asking me, I’d have to say that moving close to family and friends is the choice I’d probably make. My kids are within 15 minutes of both sets of grandparents and I wouldn’t trade that unless we absolutely had to. In the meantime, I’ll be praying that God would give you wisdom and guidance. Good luck =)

  2. Delia Says:

    The best job I ever had was teaching at a small private school. The pay sucked, but when I got home every evening I felt like I had made a difference. If the opportunity ever arose again, I’d go back to that school in a heartbeat. I’m a firm believer in satisfaction comes before wealth. However, satisfaction doesn’t put food on the table, either. If you can find the determination within yourself to make up some of the money by being frugal and by doing things on the side then I say go for it. Follow your heart! Ask yourself, what makes you happier at the end of the day? Make a list of the TOP 5 pros and the TOP 5 cons and see where that leads you. Can you live with each of the lists? Good luck, no matter what you do. If you do leave us, though, you could always sale my junk on E-bay for me and make a little extra money. As crafty as you are, you could open a shop on Etsy also. Devise a plan and go for it. Dreams are possible, but we have to find the determination to follow-thru with them.

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