I Should Be Folding Laundry is hosting a carnival this week.  The challenge was to take a picture from a different perspective than you would normally take it.  Here’s my entry:


This is what the ball sees every day.  If you look closely, you can see me, in my cubicle, taking the picture.

How’s that for perspective?


13 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. christy m. Says:

    What a great idea for a perspective shot! Now tell me, is that there so people don’t run into each other coming around corners, or so your bosses can check to see if you’re sleeping?!!

    GREAT, unique capture!!

  2. April Says:

    It doesn’t keep people from bumping into each other, so you might say it’s like a disco ball – just there for the novelty.

    But… I definitely use it to see when the boss is coming!

  3. Lyndsay Says:

    Very cool!! I love it!

  4. CrazyLadyCrafts Says:

    how funny! I wonder what the folks inside the ball thought of you taking a picture. NICE!

  5. Delia Says:

    I love your perspective of our office. I think for your next pic, you should take a pic from my desk of BC surfing the internet.

  6. Bacardi Mama Says:

    Now that is what I call perspective. Great capture!

  7. Twinsmomma Says:

    What a stroke of genius! Really creative! I’m impressed!

  8. livinginagirlsworld Says:

    Oooh, I like this. Very cool viewpoint.

  9. Kalli Says:

    Great shot – I love it!!

  10. Jessi Says:

    This is awesome! Great idea and execution!!

  11. staciesmadness Says:

    i love that…great idea!!!!

  12. Julie From Inmates Says:

    This is perhaps the best perspective picture I’ve seen this week. WOW! Either you have an awesome camera or are just a great photographer.

  13. April Says:

    It’s me – I’m a great photographer! Just kiddin’! I’ve had my camera for several years and just got out the owner’s manual last week to see if I could take action shots at Jason’s brother’s basketball game. And, gues what! I CAN take action shots (I mean the CAMERA CAN). Only one problem – I forgot to take my camera to the game. Oops. Good thing I know the guy from the Logan Banner that took some pics.

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