Recording of the performance is illegal

Sorry to say that I didn’t get any pics from the Brandi Carlile w/the Louisville Orchestra concert.  In the lobby prior to the concert there was an announcement that any recording of the performance was illegal, including pictures.  Sucks!

I did discover a new artist while I was there.  This guy (yep, guy) named Sondre Lerche played with the Orchestra prior to Brandi Carlile’s performance.  This guy is awesome.  He’s from Norway.  He wrote the score for the movie Dan in Real Life and plays a mean guitar.  Check him out!

As his final song Saturday night, he played Pete Townsend’s “Let My Love Open the Door”.  Great performance.

And Brandi’s performance was awesome as well.  She even played a little Johnny Cash!


2 Responses to “Recording of the performance is illegal”

  1. mattsmouth Says:

    Since when do “No Recording” warnings stop you!? hehe. What John R. Cash did she play?

  2. April Says:

    She played “Jackson” and “Folsom Prison Blues” – both were great. “Jackson” was a toned-down version, but she ripped out “Folsom Prison Blues”. Both were really awesome! I think she credits Johnny Cash with some of her inspiration.

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