Things I Learned This Week…



Well, loyal blog readers, (yep, both of you), I’m trying something new.  My friend Julie posted this at her blog and I’m a copy cat, so I’m posting too.

What I learned this week:

  • Poop does not pick up itself
  • Laundry does not do itself
  • Hotel for Dogs toys from McDonald’s make excellent doggie chew toys
  • Murfy will pull the stuffing out of any toy, no matter how small
  • The longer I sleep on weekends, the more tired I am
  • If I sleep in a strange position to avoid disturbing one of the furry kids, I’ll wake up with a sore back
  • HP Mini computers are the shiz nit
  • Work is boring, unless you have a mini computer you can hide from the management
  • No matter how crappy your day has been, the furry kids are always happy to see you
  • Newman gives the best kisses
  • Harper Lee gives the second best kisses
  • Murfy is the best self-scratcher ever (thanks to horrible skin allergies)
  • Mollie is the chubbiest Beagle EVER!  But I wouldn’t have her any other way
  • Newman makes a good bed buddy because he’ll spoon
  • Harper Lee does NOT make a good bed buddy – she won’t spoon and doesn’t stay still very long
  • Murfy is to skinny to spoon
  • Mollie likes to spoon on her own terms – which include being able to bury her head at least partially under a blanket
  • Dad is a good spooner, too… when there’s room in bed with no furry kids in between

Stay tuned… this blog is just getting started.  There’s lots more fascinating (and no so fascinating) things to be learned about our family!


***Also*** – check out the link on the pretty picture of the lightbulb above… Jo-Lynne at is hosting a carnival.  If I knew what a carnival was, I’d tell you.  But I have a feeling it’s something neat-o!


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3 Responses to “Things I Learned This Week…”

  1. Scary Mommy Says:

    Wouldn’t the world be wonderful of poop picked itself up and laundry did itself, though?! And I agree about the sleep– the more I seem to get, the more I seem to need. Not cool at all!

  2. Says:

    Our dogs don’t sleep in our bed, but all of the other ones I could SO relate too!

    If the poop could just magically disappear, that would be great. (And the laundry too!)

    Funny list 🙂

  3. Julie From Inmates Says:

    Poop doesn’t change itself either.

    Just sayin’

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