Four? Nobody needs four! Are you crazy or something?

Four. Yep, four.

Life was fine with Newman, Murfy and Mollie for quite some time.

Newman was two when he came to live with us, Murfy was about one. By the time Mollie came along, Newman was four, Murfy three, and Mollie two.

Mollie was afraid of her own shadow, plastic bags, anything that made noise, any person she didn’t know (which was basically everyone)… the list kept growing.

When dad was on his way home from work one morning, he decided to detour and hit either McDonald’s or Sonic. On the detour, he saw a little tiny puppy beside a busy road. He couldn’t just leave her.

New Puppy - July 2007 by you.

He picked her up, brought her home, and her name is now Harper Lee. She started out at less than a pound (I’m sure – the vet said she was only 4 weeks old). Now she’s a whopping 50 lbs… just as the vet had predicted.

Harper Lee - September 2007 by you.



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