And then there were two…

Dad and I saw a look in your eyes. It was a look of sadness, loneliness… the need for companionship. The opportunity came along for us to adopt, so we took it.

Uncle Lee saw a roamer at his mother-in-law’s house. He’d seen this roamer a few times and knew that he needed a good home. But then he disappeared. Investigation led Uncle Lee to discover that someone had hit roamer, taken him to the doctor, and found another adoptive home. Well, all was true except for that last part. Roamer ended up showing up again right where he was before. He liked that Burger King, and must have remembered how to get there.

One Saturday, Uncle Lee and I went looking for the roamer. No luck. Uncle Lee went back to his MIL’s on Sunday and there he was… the roamer had appeared at MIL’s neighbor’s house. Uncle Lee called and I went to pick up the roamer and we never looked back.

Inquisitive Murfy

Although I am ashamed to admit it, I don’t remember how we came up with the new kid’s name. He was brown, so maybe that had something to do with it. Murfy Brown. Later lengthened to Murfy Brown Dog.


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